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Find our selection of Belgian vodka on Belspirits, your vodka specialist. Vodka, from the Polish wódka, is a very popular alcoholic drink. Made from grains and potatoes, vodka is distilled to a very high alcohol content and then cut to about 40%.

Consumed in many countries, it has become the most widely consumed of the strong alcohols and even the national alcohol of many countries, particularly in the Nordic and Eastern European countries where it originated. Its production is no longer limited to the traditional producing countries, and it is produced in many countries such as Belgium.

Neat or in cocktails, vodka is greatly appreciated for its neutral character and its use in many cocktails.

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Cosmik Vodka Pure DiamondCosmik Vodka Pure Diamond
Cosmik Pure Diamond vodka is made from Beauce wheat and has undergone 6 distillations . The wheat distillation is then filtered ten times using a limestone . Cosmik Vodka is a diamond , because of its purity and high quality . A balanced and very sweet vodka .
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Cosmik Vodka Gold EditionCosmik Vodka Gold Edition
Cosmik Vodka Gold Edition is made from Cosmik Vodka Pure Diamond  which is distilled 6 times and filtered 10 times. The vodka is placed several months in Sauternes casks , which gives it a pleasant sweet note .
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