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About Belspirits

Authentic Belgian know-how

Belspirits is an online shop with a Belgian spirit, hence the name "Bel" for "Belgium" and "Spirits" for spirit. Through Belspirits, we aim to promote Belgian know-how, in Belgium and throughout Europe.

Indeed, Belgian know-how is already well recognised for certain typical products such as Belgian chocolate, Chips, Liège waffles or special beers. Our flat country is also world famous for its Atomium or its national symbol, measuring barely 70 cm: the Manneken Pis. However, at Belspirits we believe that behind these few accolades, there are many other products made in Belgium that also deserve recognition for our Belgian know-how.

Belgian Spirits, Liquors and Beers

Although Belgium is mainly the country of beer, our flat country also produces a multitude of spirits directly in our regions. The history of Belgian alcohol production goes back several centuries, to the arrival of the still with the return of the crusaders. Belgium is also one of the forerunners in one of the best known spirits, juniper, since it was invented in the Spanish Netherlands (today's Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and part of northern France) in the 17th century.

Besides gin, the Kingdom of Belgium also produces many other well-known spirits such as Whisky, Vodka, Rum and other aperitifs.

At Belspirits, you will find many spirits and beers produced in our beautiful provinces at competitive prices and 24/7: