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Cosmik Vodka

Cosmik Vodka - The Only Natural

Cosmik Vodka is a diamond, because of its purity and its high quality. Cosmik Vodka is made from Beauce wheat. It is a very sweet and balanced vodka.

Cosmik Vodka is distilled six times before being filtered ten times using a limestone specific to the Poitou Charente region, which gives it an extraordinary sweetness.

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Cosmik Vodka GlassCosmik Vodka Glass
The Cosmik Vodka glass , ideal for your Cosmik Vodka Pure Diamond  cocktails!
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Cosmik Vodka Gold EditionCosmik Vodka Gold Edition
Cosmik Vodka Gold Edition is made from Cosmik Vodka Pure Diamond  which is distilled 6 times and filtered 10 times. The vodka is placed several months in Sauternes casks , which gives it a pleasant sweet note .
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Cosmik Vodka Pure DiamondCosmik Vodka Pure Diamond
Cosmik Pure Diamond vodka is made from Beauce wheat and has undergone 6 distillations . The wheat distillation is then filtered ten times using a limestone . Cosmik Vodka is a diamond , because of its purity and high quality . A balanced and very sweet vodka .
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