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Whisky Skot'Tiche

Manneke'Tiche Whisky - A whisky with a very Belgian identity

Manneke'Tiche Whisky is a blended whisky resulting from the blending of two August 17th single malt toast, one aged in Port/Cognac oak barrels and the other in French oak barrels.

A quality whisky with a very Belgian identity, referring to the "Manneke" of Brussels and to our beautiful country, Belgium.

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Box TicheBox Tiche
The Tiche box offers a tasting pack containing a  bottle of Skot'Tiche Whisky , a bottle of Ginneke'Tiche Gin  and two Tiche glasses (one Manne'Tiche and one Ginneke'Tiche) .
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Manneke'Tiche Whisky
Manneke'Tiche Whisky is a blended blend of two August 17th single malt toast , one aged in French oak and the other aged in Porto/Cognac oak barrels .
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