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Brasserie des Fagnes - Belgian craft beers

Brasserie des Fagnes - Belgian craft beers

Brasserie des Fagnes is an amazing brewery with a history of over 100 years. The story began in the 1920s with the creation of two family breweries, one in Leval-Trahegnies (Hainaut) by Victor Adant, the other in Couvin (Namur) by Constant Lauvaux.

At the time, and like many other breweries after the Second World War, both breweries disappeared in the 1950s. Only the Lauvaux Brewery survived as a wholesale beverage company, under the management of Richard Adant and Fanny Lauvaux, the grandchildren.

In 1994, Frédéric Adant, a great-grandson and very aware of the family's brewing past, decided to relaunch a craft beer: the "Super des Fagnes" beer, well known in the Couvin and Mariembourg region.

After the success of this beer, the Brasserie des Fagnes was founded in 1998.

Since then, the range has been completed by other beers. Between 2001 and 2010, we can mention the Super des Fagnes Brune, the Super des Fagnes Griottes and the Super des Fagnes Scotch (which later became Super des Fagnes Cuvée Constant).

In 2013, the Brasserie des Fagnes created a new, thinner and more elegant glass and launched La Chevetogne beer in partnership with the Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne as well as Douceur des Fagnes, a Belgian aperitif based on Morello cherries.

In 2015, a big turning point came for the Brasserie des Fagnes. In order to allow for easier pronunciation for export, the "Super des Fagnes" beers were renamed "Fagnes": Fagnes Blonde, Fagnes BruneFagnes Griottes and Fagnes Cuvée Constant (formerly Fagnes Scotch).

In 2016, the brewery launched its new Fagnes Triple beer followed by Fagnes Gold in 2019.

In 2020, a new visual identity was developed, more in line with the times, with a new look and logo for the Fagnes.

In 2021, a special edition was launched: Fagnes Blood Orange; a beer brewed with blood oranges, which can be drunk in both summer and winter in two different ways.

Finally in 2024, the Fagnes brewery created a new brand, WAW - What A Wonderful Beer. Two first WAWs have just been brewed, one is called WAW Jungle Lime, its sister is called WAW Mystery Calva. Their particularity? Their labels change constantly, they are fun, close to the Tomorrowland universe, and distributed randomly in the bins.

The Brasserie des Fagnes is not only a brewery, it is also :

  • A shop specialising in products for the horticultural industry, Comptoir des Fagnes
  • A dynamic drinks wholesaler, Brasserie Lauvaux
  • A brasserie with catering (Brasserie des Fagnes) designed to welcome visitors and allow them to freely discover the production