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Wave Distil - Belgian distillery

Wave Distil - Distillerie belge

Wave Distil is a Belgian distillery located in Sorinnes on the heights of Dinant in the province of Namur. The story of Wave Distil begins in 2010 with the creation of Cosmik Vodka Pure Diamond and the launch of Cosmik Aperitif made from Cosmik Vodka by Thierry Van Renterghem, the cellar master.

After the great success of these first three products and several medals at international competitions, the idea of creating a complete range of products was quickly born in view of the potential. In 2011, Wave Distil acquired very old and well-preserved casks in France that had contained Port and Cognac. These casks were used to create a whisky, August 17th (3 years old), which after 3 years of ageing and a result that lived up to its expectations was marketed.

In 2015, the Gemblue Gin range was created, including the Gemblue Gin which won its first gold medal in Chicago and its first bronze medal in London just 4 months after its launch.

Later came the idea of making a whisky with two August 17th single malt toast at Wave Distil. This idea led to the creation of a Pure Malt blend with a distinctly Belgian identity: Skot'Tiche whisky!

To complete the already well-developed range at Wave Distil, the Little G Rum range appeared in 2017.

Over the years, other products were also created, such as the Cosmik Vodka Gold Edition and the rare cask edition of August 17th.

In 2021, Wave Distil launch a limited edition in partnership with Fun Radio: Cosmik Fun.